BOPP Film is a clear or matte bi-axially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP). This
film has good clarity, resistance to UV light, excellent chemical and abrasio0n
resistance, and a smooth surface. The clear material has a reasonable scuff
resistance and a great acid resistance. Now BOPP is widely used in the
packaging, pressure sensitive tape, label, stationary and decorative markets.
Our BOPP film manufacture is   ISO 9000 certified.
Matte BOPP Film

It is a one-side heat sealable matte BOPP film. The other side can be printed
and laminated. It is widely used for book covers, brochures, gift bags, etc.
Gauge (micron):  12 microns, 15 microns, 20 microns
  • High haze, good contact clarity, elegant surface
  • Good printing effect.
  • Low static charge, excellent machinability.
  • High slip suitable for printing and lamination.
  • Lamination and printing for package.
  • Co-extrusion coating